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The inlingua method

The only technology that focuses on the oral in your language learning methods.

Learning by speaking

At inlingua, you will experience language training that leads methodically step by step directly to the target language.
Your personal trainer speaks to you exclusively in his or her native language - from the very first lesson.


Languages are best learned by speaking

    The inlingua method - direct to success

    At inlingua, you learn your desired foreign language directly by speaking the target language. It is not translated, and that helps you learn to think in the target language.

    Our native-speaking trainers are trained in such a way that from the very beginning you will not be afraid to express yourself in the new language. Step by step, you will learn to use the foreign language naturally and according to the situation.

    You apply grammar directly instead of memorizing rules. Specific conversation situations are practised and the appropriate vocabulary is trained so that you can fall back on what you have learned at any time. Your trainer will give you the opportunity to speak as much as possible in your training, because a language can only be learned through active speaking - just as you learn to play golf by hitting the golf ball with the golf club.

    Learning foreign languages with fun and success

    Whether you are practicing how to present your arguments effectively in a meeting, or how to get into conversation with the locals during your next vacation, whether learning German or in a business English course; the direct inlingua method gives you a quick and efficient learning success. 

    Discussions, role plays, dialogue sequences and media. Your trainers use these instruments in a targeted and varied way in the language courses in order to provide you with lasting language competence and comprehensive vocabulary.

    Of course, it doesn't quite work without your participation. You will receive homework and regular tests will tell you which language level you have already reached. With progress comes the fun of learning and you will quickly refine your language skills. The crowning glory of your efforts are our inlingua grades which are in line with international certifications. We also prepare you for many different internationally recognised language examinations such as telc, TOEICor TOEFL.

    Our method at a glance:

    • Homogeneous small groups ensure effective learning
    • Active speaking from the very beginning
    • Training exclusively in the target language
    • Examples and active practice instead of rules and cramming
    • Structural and functional approach in consideration of modern psychology
    • Targeted use of media
    • Self-checking tests
    • In-depth online programme
    • Grammar is not crammed, but practiced. Vocabulary is not translated, but directly anchored. You can put your knowledge into practice immediately.
    • Varied training phases support you with diverse input: discussions, role plays, dialogue sequences, gestures, facial expressions and targeted use of media. Textbooks are used selectively.
    • Native speakers and didactically qualified trainers support you.
    • Regular exercises and tests show you where you stand and which areas you can strengthen. The inlingua grades are, of course, in line with internationally recognised certificates.