Blended Learning

Blended Learning merges the benefits of both the well-known and highly effective inlingua language training (university-qualified native speakers using the inlingua method) and e-learning.  With e-learning, the student uses a PC or laptop and interactive language training software: interactive - mobile - modern. The student can learn at school, at home or on the road.

We have always implemented new technical possibilities, so that our learners reach their language skill target as quickly as possible.

Nowadays almost everyone has a computer at home which can be used. And the available language learning software has become - thanks to the modern speech recognition - so good that even we, with our high expectations,  are able to recommend certain software.

Interactive computer-based learning cannot replace the teacher. However, the CD-ROM, which includes online support on request, enables the student to get even more use out of the inlingua training, especially in the areas of writing, listening comprehension, memorising, pronunciation and reading comprehension.

In cooperation with a Europe-wide leading publishing company for linguistic learning software, we have developed in Bremen for the languages English, French, Italian, Spanish and German as a foreign language, a persuasive Blended Learning concept:



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