inlingua Method

Behind guaranteed success you will always find a method. What we understand by this is :

  • the inlingua Method
  • the inlingua Course Material  
  • our Trainers

The inlingua Method

What does "inlingua Method" mean?
This means among other things, that only the new language is spoken--"the target language".

Only the target language? - How does that work?
Most new words and concepts are visually introduced. The others are made clear through the situation and context.

Isn't anything translated or explained in my language?? 
As the meaning is clear, translating is not neccessary.

And grammar?
The trainer organises the lesson so that grammatical explanations are normally superfluous. Through intensive training of the language, you will come to understand the rules yourself. Afterwards, you can find these confirmed in your inlingua training material.

What does "intensive training" mean? 
It is the responsibility of the trainers to bring you to speak. For example:

  • You answer questions
  • You ask the trainer as well as the other students questions
  • You help with corrections
  • You repeat some things several times until you have really got it, until you are really sure of yourself

And what does the trainer do here?The trainer talks as little as possible. He or she only says what is absolutely necessary and does not lecture. Your trainer will provide you with the new words and show you how to combine them correctly.

Doesn't the trainer explain anything?
The trainers can answer almost any question about their native languages.

Will I learn to speak freely? 
Yes, when you have reached a certain level of competence in the use of your new language tools, you will practice speaking freely, for example with a partner or in a group, during which:

  • you decide for yourself what to say and answer
  • you work very intensively, because you don't have to wait until it's your turn.

How do I work with the books? 
During oral practice the books remain closed. You only open your book when you work with the illustrations, texts, dialogues, exercises and other activities.

And at home? 
You can consolidate what you have learned by repeatedly reading the example sentences and the overviews of the grammar, or by reading them out loud.

Must I write a lot? 
You can find almost all the new words and structures etc. in the course material. Any written exercises you will do at home.

The inlingua Course Material

For optimum learning success, there must be a perfect match between the method of tuition and the course material used. For this reason, inlingua International runs its own learnware publishing house, in which an international team of experts is continually engaged in developing our material. The material is utilised in accordance with uniform guidelines in all inlingua training centres throughout the world.

The inlingua course material is more than just a book. At every level, the student's books are complemented by work books, cassettes, CDs, CD-ROMs, videos and demonstration material, as well as media such as telephone simulators, depending on the respective learning goal.

The cassettes and the CDs enable students to repeat what has been learned outside the training itself, in a form that ensures variety and thus motivation. They also help to train listening comprehension and polish pronunciation.

To avoid making training with such a wide variety of material less efficient, the trainers are issued with comprehensive Resource Packs. Here, all the threads come together, so that the trainers are able to adjust to the progress being made in their group.


Our Trainers

The teaching staff consists entirely of native speakers, all trained in the inlingua method. 

Not only are they native speakers, but they also have university or college degrees. They speak their native languages with that degree of authenticity and differentiation that only practice from birth can give.

Our teachers are themselves thoroughly trained in the inlingua method, which guarantees tuition that is both effective and full of variety. This internal training is monitored by the international inlingua Teacher Training Network (iTTN), so that a uniform standard of quality is ensured.

Trainers for professionally-oriented courses have in addition experience in professions other than teaching. They thus have the necessary knowledge of the field.



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