inlingua Bremen offers translations into and from all languages, with or without certification. Our translators are highly qualified native speakers and have many years of experience. As a rule they have been duly certified by the courts, i.e. have official recognition. Our motto is: promptness and reliability, and that includes the translation of complex and difficult texts.

  • Documents, contracts, patent documentation
  • Advertising texts, corporate image brochures, websites, annual reports
  • Manuals, software, operating instructions

We can also organize experienced interpreters for you.

  • They can accompany guided tours, e.g. of factories
  • They interpret at meetings, negotiations and presentations
  • They do formal and informal addresses: symposiums, conferences, workshops, etc.


One criterion of the quality of a translation is the balance it achieves between precision and form. This is something that careful briefing can ensure:

  • Who is the text intended for? What is the target group?
  • Are there supplementary, background texts that could be helpful?
  • Should the text be reproduced as literally as possible, or is it intended to create a specific feeling and tone?
  • Are illustrations available? They can help the translator and banish obscurities.
  • Allow enough time for a good translation. An original text that took two months to compose cannot be translated in two days


We will happily prepare an offer for you.
Please contact us at: +49 421 169 03 03 oder per email at .

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