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inlingua draws up an individual training concept for each company. All the components of the concept are  geared to the  company's aims and requirements. A joint analysis is carried out, covering requirements and existing conditions. The determining factors are your planning for human resources, your internal resources and your corporate culture.

  • Defining the project: inlingua offers training in all languages, at all levels, for all communication needs.
  • Placement: the inlingua test, which includes a needs analysis, determines starting level and language objectives.
  • Needs analysis: the stated aims enable us to draw up a defined training concept.
  • Defining the objectives: the modular structure of our Accelerated Professional Program (APP) enables you to acquire skills for precisely defined communication situations.
  • Organizational form: one-on-one, crash training, company courses, in-house or at inlingua, in Germany or abroad.
  • Training material: we develop the materials needed for special requirements.
  • Trainers: our trainers can accompany your staff - on the job if required - and provide the appropriate feedback.
  • Running the course: apart from the trainers, there is always a contact person for organizational support.
  • Monitoring progress: you can measure success, e.g. by means of regular feedback and internationally recognized tests.
  • Follow-up: specialized training packages provide the means for self-study and the incentive to reach the next proficiency level.


We would happily provide you with a detailed proposal.

Please contact our language consultants directly:  +49 421 169 08 08. 

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